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Has your cat texted you today?

September 25, 2009 12:38 pm

Has your cat texted you today???….

No? Ahhh, thats too bad… Because these days anything is possible… 

So, does your cat go outside? Well, if you reside in an apartment probably not. But if you are at the house – probably yes.  Well, I happen to live at a house on 2 acres of land. And my five cats do get their outdoor time, but imagine herding five cats! When the moment their paws hit the grass they take off and they scatter… Yeah, good luck tracking them down now!

Of course if they did that every time I wouldnt have five cats anymore. So obviously I do catch them every time :). And they are really good cats, as far as cats go :)… But on occasion I find myself in the dark with a flashlight and a can of food, fishing a kitty out from the wooded area to the back of my property… I could just leave the kitty there to learn her lesson, but it so happens that there are also coyotes in those woods, which is something the kitty doesn’t know…neither does she realise that cats are one of coyote’s favourite treats… Had the kitty known the “ugly truth” she wouldnt run after that darn rabbit into the woods….

But anyhow… When I saw this post I smiled… As all my cats are tagged and microchipped…But it will do no good if no one can find them. I really don’t know if I will actually build one of these, but there is a chance of something happening if I “forget” to close the browser and go call my younger brother to show me how to….ummm… map a network drive LOL..  He might accidentally see it, and maybe just maybe something might come out of this… Strategy! It never fails 😉

So, the thingie I am talking about is an RFID Cat Tracker from With project notes,  pictures and step-by-step instructions how to build your very own! Yep, and your kitty can update her status on Twitter, update her log online or send you a lovely SMS…

Ahhh… so thankful for technology… and all those weirdos that build these cool crazy things!!!

Enjoy 🙂    Nermal » CATaLOG | An RFID Cat Tracker.

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  1. Joanaroo permalink
    March 15, 2010 8:23 pm 8:23 pm

    I wouldn’t be surprised if my cats learned how to text and Twitter. Whenever I have my phone out or use the Mobile Web like I am now, they come over on my lap and watch. They used to try to chew on the external antenna on my old phone, but this new one has an internal one. The only thing they don’t like is when the ringtone wakes them up!

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