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Bing Now Bigger Than Digg, Twitter and CNN

July 9, 2009 8:28 am

by Ben Parr

With the headlines that Microsoft’s new search engine Bing has been grabbing, it’s easy to forget that Bing only went live about a month ago. Since its launch at the beginning of June, it has given Google pause and even had its own web infomercial.

But none of that matters if Bing doesn’t grow and find a way to compete with Google . So after a month, where are we? We knew that Bing was growing, but the numbers being released tonight tell a tale of success, as Bing is now the 13th most visited site on the web.

According to, Bing was able to amass 49.57 million unique visitors in its first month as Microsoft’s official search engine. Bing’s traffic trumps that of Digg (38.96 million) Twitter (23 million), and CNN (28.54 million). We want to stress that this focuses on U.S. visitors, since Compete does not track international visits.
Digg Twitter Bing CNN ImageIn fact, Bing is now only beaten by 12 other websites according to the Compete numbers. Interestingly enough, one of those websites is, its predecessor, which actually garnered 79.4 million visits in June. This can mostly be attributed to the fact that a lot of Microsoft services, most notably Hotmail, are on the Live domain.

Still, Bing is showing some solid numbers for its first month in existence. It’s got a long way to go before it can begin to challenge Google’s top position in search.

Original article is here.

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