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How to wash dishes in 4 easy steps

July 6, 2009 12:19 pm

feature photoDid you ever have to wash dishes when you were younger as part of your chores? I did and I hated it until I found a quick way to do it.  At this point you might think I’ve lost it and am actually going to write a post on how to wash dishes, well I am and I’m not, keep reading you’ll see what I mean.

When I had to wash the dishes I done it haphazardly, wash a knife here, wash a dish there and consequently it took me ages to do them and they weren’t done properly.  I was then shown a way to do them which seemed to make the chore less of a chore and I would zip through doing the dishes.  Now I have shown my children how to do the dishes properly they see it as less of a chore as well (no we don’t have a dishwasher thank goodness).  My son said he done his homework the same way  I showed him how to do the dishes, when I asked him to explain I thought the intelligence required to link dishes with doing homework was amazing and I told him so.  Having expanded on it a little more you could apply washing dishes system to anything in life.

How to wash dishes


About 10 minutes after dinner, in my house, you’ll always hear me shouting through ‘who’s not rinsed their plate off?’ and one of the boys will come trundling through and rinsing their dinner plate off under the tap.  Rinsing the plate will obviously make washing the dishes a lot easier, especially if they sit for half an hour before they are washed and dried.

So it is with any chore or task, pre-preparation is a good habit to get into.


So the dishes have been rinsed half an hour before they are due to be washed.  The next stage is preparation.  This involves making sure all the cups are emptied before washing, any bowls have been rinsed, the sink is cleaned before washing , all the dishes are grouped together and the right amount of hot water and washing up liquid is put in before starting.

This preparation is applied to any task.  It is a vital component of reducing any stress when starting a task.  You get everything ready before starting any task.  Every single task in the world requires preparation, if no preparation is done then time, money and energy is wasted which causes undue stress.  I always leave about 90 minutes per day in case of emergencies and for writing notes.

The task

Now it’s time for the dishes to be washed.  These are done in groups; cutlery first, plates, cups, glasses and then pots and pans.  Grouping makes them easier to stack and quicker to get through.  Each dish is washed and then rinsed to make sure there is no dirt, if there’s still a little dirt it is then washed and rinsed again.  To make the task a little less of a chore I remember playing games in my head when washing dishes.  I used to play cutlery Olympics whereby all the cutlery was  put in the sink and I wanted to see if the knifes, forks or spoons would win the gold medal i.e. what one would finish being washed first, there were four possible winners as the spoons had teaspoons in them as well. I always willed for the underdog and hoped the teaspoons would win, I don’t know why but the teaspoons always used to come last and the knifes or forks used to win.

Post task

The dishes have now all been washed and rinsed and stacked on the rack.  It’s time for a cleanup.  This involves cleaning any water and soap bubbles off the sink area, cleaning the sink out and rinsing out the sink.  Voila dishes are done in record time and the forks have won the gold medal again.

Now, go and get the dishes done!

How to wash dishes in 4 easy steps | Change your thoughts.

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