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Art of writing

July 3, 2009 6:04 pm

Original article by: “Avatar” – R.I.P.

Translated by: Roberto Alanagee, Being and Quirkiness

Art does not consist in underlining what already is, but to transform it, to infuse an idea into a working matter. For example, writing has three elements: what is in our mind, the art of writing, and words – the working matter with which one cooperates, but which in any case keeps its secret, until the very end; one can only try to extract to some degree the secret of a word.

With music, it’s the same thing: there is what is in our mind, the art of writing, and finally the notes and sounds. It is the same for any art! So someone who does not write well, is often someone who isn’t doing well or who has nothing to say. The most beautiful pages I have come to read were written by people without an epistolary experience, but who have a sensibility, an intelligence and a profound internal life. So even their “mistakes” are pearls.Then you have people who know how to write but who have nothing to say… And there are quite a few!

Further, one must distinguish those who know how to write but who seem to be disliked and resisted by words, who don’t have much of a style… from those who, despite their real lack of inspiration, nevertheless manage to stroke words in the sense of the comma… without ever saying anything interesting (ie profound, interior, animated).

Finally, you have those who have a real interiority, combined with an experience of writing: they have a style, words flirt indefinitely with them. These are few and far between in my opinion. It is very difficult to tame words, for they never lie, they are what we make of them, and at the same time you cannot do what you want with them… that is the whole difficulty! A word can say what you think, but you must think, and sometimes it can better express than you what you think, but to think it or to hope it makes the right word elude you instantly…

I assure you, writing words is something nuts, one must be rather audacious! This matter is not so simple ultimately. One can, for example, seek to convey an emotion, but which emotion is that? For that is the question!! If it is an emotion of intelligence, you do not go about it in quite the same fashion as an emotion of the senses, even interior and poetic… you must actually proscribe flattering external and internal senses if you seek an emotion of intelligence, else you risk submerging what you were seeking to communicate…

I see that for a text to be finished, a real text, the author must feel objectively that it is no longer his text, and must even be able to be measured by what he has written, else it is not a good text, independently of the content. I do believe it is the same for any artistic endeavor.

Link to original article:     Art of writing

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