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A Subtle Stain

June 26, 2009 9:25 am

A Subtle Stain
© Mark ~ JerseyStyle Photography

Photographer’s comment:

A Subtle Stain

sub·tle /ˈsʌtl/[suht-l] adjective
1. difficult to perceive or understand, delicate or faint and mysterious

stain/steɪn/[steyn] – noun
1. a cause of reproach; stigma; blemish

Everyone has them. Something that you scrub so much yet it doesn’t come off. Could be a vice. Could be a habit. Could be a relationship.

Ridding yourself of this subtle stain would free you. But can can you do it? Or are you just used to it? Resigned to it?

What say you?


I couldn’t resist not to post…And I’d say only a few can look at this post and tell right away what I mean 🙂 …
But what matters more – what does this mean to you?
CAN you ever rid yourself of that subtle stain?… because everybody has one…
What’s your subtle stain?…
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