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Second chance to build their career

June 26, 2009 11:33 am

Second Annual Felony and/or Misdemeanor Friendly Community Career Fair

The primary goal of this event is to provide a unique and value-added experience for employers and job seekers.

The current reality is that many skilled, educated, and job-ready candidates never make it beyond an initial screening of their application.

Our primary goal is to connect the most qualified and prepared job seekers with the background-friendly employers (on a Case-by-Case basis) present within our region.

This is a 100% background-friendly exclusive job fair, where the applicant pool will be made up of men and women with a misdemeanor, felony, and/or deferred adjudication (meaning no conviction) on their record. These individuals have, in fact, paid their debt to society and the criminal justice system. They (and their families) are now ready to move on with their lives.

If you have any questions, contact here:


Why have such an event?

Lately, job fairs have become big business ($300 – $1000 for Employer booth; $5+ parking fee for struggling jobseekers, plus lunch) and there is nothing more frustrating for an employer, than being asked by every 10th attendee…”Do you hire people with criminal backgrounds?” Conversely, enthusiastic jobseekers grow overwhelmingly discouraged when attending multiple job fairs, only to discover that there is no way of knowing which employers to engage, and which ones to bypass. This event seeks to progressively & boldly address both customers; Respecting and acknowledging the discretion of human resources managers (employers), while simultaneously allowing jobseekers to highlight their value and genuinely market their skill sets beyond the inevitable and deflating “Criminal Background Question”.

Where will this event take place?

In the effort to maintain the integrity and exclusivity of this event, the location of the event will not be made public. Of course, all registered participants will be provided with this information as the event approaches. It will be in Fort Worth and accessible by public transportation.

Is employment guaranteed?

Absolutely not. No job fair can guarantee a job. This is an effort to [simply] afford jobseekers a low-stress forum to genuinely market their skills/abilities without fearing the unknown. “Do they know?” and “Should I lie, just to get 1 or 2 paychecks?”. Participating employers are demonstrating their willingness to consider jobseekers on a “Case-by-Case” basis, as long as they are honest and upfront, and CAN DO THE JOB that they are applying for.

Why don’t you publicize the location on the flyer and why do jobseekers have to attend workshops?

There is a tremendous amount of meticulous planning and designing that is required to get the best “product” in front of these participating employers. The vetting process is meant to assemble only the most determined jobseekers, thereby, strategically producing a career fair applicant pool that is undeniably Job-Ready!

What is the cost of this event for the jobseeker?

This event is free for registered jobseekers, but you will have to work to earn your admittance.

What can I, or my: church, school, sorority, fraternity, business, do to contribute to the event’s success?

Desired donations include: Men/Women Business Attire; Grooming Services; Door Prizes;Gift Cards; Black/Brown Portfolios; Event Decorations (balloons, etc…). The volunteer button will be operational on June 1st for donations. Everybody can contribute something to this cause.

What if I found out about this event after registration has ended, can I still attend?

Unfortunately not, the Planning team will never be able to keep up with the never-ending (weekly) supply & demand for such an event. Therefore, in an effort to keep the event’s applicant pool at a manageable and safe level, we [unfortunately] can not allow any more registrants after we have closed registration. The Planning team encourages the community at-large to [respectfully] request (to the powers that be) that more attention, effort, and monies be genuinely devoted to serve this need. Let your pen be your weapon. Exercise your rights as an active taxpayer, concerned citizen and/or valued consumer (jobseeker). Get involved! Start with your place of worship or any group that you are associated with and coordinate your own Felony and/or Misdemeanor-Friendly career fair.

Will there be any Dallas employers at this event?

The Planning team will mostly target employers from Tarrant County (Fort Worth, Arlington, Keller, Grand Prairie, Mansfield, Forest Hill, Everman, Haltom City, Irving, H-E-B, etc…). We will not target Dallas companies, but they will not be turned away if they wish to participate.

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