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Feels that way sometimes…

April 1, 2009 12:46 pm
Alone (c) babykailan
Alone (c) babykailan (

I am still computer-less and I am dying without my usual writing, reading, arts and just talking to people … Lets face it – we do a lot of interacting online, through such a variety of media…So, yes – no talking, no listening or finding new music… no reading … That’s why there’s been a bit of a …maybe even depressed? ….feeling in my recent notes…  And some of the recent happenings,  some minor everyday annoyances – resulted in all these thoughts and no way of writing them down… Pretty frustrated by now…

Hang on!! Just don’t get any ideas! I am in no way miserable 🙂 … Hell no! Just all of the events are giving me this bitter aftertaste and I feel I am not quite there and I dislike this feeling!

Anyhow, here is something I found that I’d like to  share…  I can’t say I like every word in it… But do like all the different thoughts that come to my mind when I am reading it…  


Visions of Love

by Decius @ 4:48:13 pm – December 13, 2008


Thickly, it oozes around me. For the love begins with all the anger. I will stare at your anger, and I will take your punches. Then comes tears. And I will hold you in my arms like the sibling you never had, and you will cry. Then follows the fear, and it will dissolve as you cry, over and over.

Love in my heart for the ignorant, the aggressive, the evil. Love for the individual Jew and the angry Hitler. All brothers with anger and pain, then fear. And we are no different, the result of two parents with growth and youth and hopes and dreams and sadness and glee. With childhood memories, and adult defeats.

Platitudes, you and I will hear from birth till the day we die. Those around you when you were born and those surrounding you when you die. But love in our hearts, all of us, forced into the background by an intense fear, always in survival mode.

Brothers and sisters. Brothers of brothers and sisters of sisters. And all the brothers, brothers of sisters. And all the sisters, sisters of their brothers. Raping and stealing, bashing and crashing, suing and ruling, stepping on the backs of our own blood.

Love is in the air, for it is our most basic survival instinct. Together we build spaceships and hospitals and buildings that touch the sky. Alone we fail to light a bulb. It is in our nature to love one another, to support one another, to explore the universe together.

It is efficient. It is survival. It is science.


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