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Ugly, old and quite expensive computers :)…

March 16, 2009 1:45 am

10 Old Computers With Outrageous Price Tags

Can you even imagine forking out nearly 20,000 dollars for a computer with 64K RAM? I can’t imagine what the people during that era of computer buying must have gone through. Jesus Christ! The price tags on these computers that you are about to see were beyond outrageous. In the 80s computers that weighed 55 pounds were called portable computers and now we whine if they are over 5 pounds. We sure as hell are spoiled cause personally I wouldn’t fork out more than 1000 dollars for a nice rig. Check out these images, although they were the roots for modern day computers, they were ugly as hell and the price no matter what anybody says didn’t justify whatsoever.

Presenting the ugliest computers from the past that came with outrageous price tags. Enjoy!


Radio Shack TRS – 80 Model II (1979)
Price : $3,450 (32K RAM)
$3,899 (64 K Ram)


Osborne 1 – Considered to be the first portable computer (1981)
Price : $1,795 (32K RAM)


Otrona Attache (1982)
Price : $3,995 (64K RAM)


Apple Lisa (1983)
Price : $9,995 (1MB)


Apple III (1981)
Price : $3,495 (128K RAM)
$3,815 (w/ monitor)


Compaq Portable III (1987)
Price : $4,999 (20MB HD)
$5,799 (40MB HD)


Dynabyte (1981)
Price : $2,375 (64K RAM)


IBM 5120 (1980)
Price : $9,340 (w/ printer)


IBM Portable PC 5155 (1984)
Price : $4,225 (256 – 640K RAM)


IBM Portable PC (1975)
Price : $19,975 (64K RAM)

Which one made you bite your nails? The IBM Portable PC released in 1975 certainly made me piss my pants considering there are houses selling on eBay these days for freaking 10 dollars.


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