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Thoughts on paper…

March 2, 2009 1:17 pm
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I’ll start posting things I come across that I deem interesting to read and thought-provoking.

This one happens to be mine…

…you know that true love is nothing but a relationship with 30% chemistry and 70% hard work!!!
Duh!!! What did you think, the unicorns make it all happen??? …

This was taken from my email to my friend Pasha*. I responded to the following statement:

“I believe in true love but still haven’t found it…”

Although, the person who wrote the above will never hear what I had to say, nor does that person even know of my existence…
Still, I felt compelled to respond to the  who sent this to me and to share my thoughts on a few things…

Well, my friend liked my comment and posted it to the world :). So here it is…My sarcasm at it’s best… 🙂

I guess I should also explain what I am talking about. The meaning is simple – don’t get your eyes all clouded with the concept of “true love”. Because, by looking for a perfect person you’re setting yourself up for failure. People are not perfect. And you are a person too and you are not perfect either!  Which means you’re going to have to work on it before things can be labeled…bottom line.

One can’t possibly expect to find “true love” merely by walking down an empty street and there it will be – true love hiding right behind that corner!!  Be realistic.

And one more thought for today. If you have something but not really sure if you want it…But at the same time don’t really want to let it go… The correct answer is?  That’s right – let it go!  Also very simple concept.  Because you either know or you don’t. You don’t sit and wait until either something better comes along or the existing situation changes course…

As I said earlier: “one man’s mistakes are another man’s treasure”… I don’t have to explain this one, do I???


– amarille


* – unfortunately I am no going to make it that easy on you all to figure out what I am talking about or more so – whom I am talking about! 🙂   Simply because I promised to my friends – if I do write about them, their privacy will be honoured. And I stick to my words! Therefore, names and any other personal (private) information will be changed throughout this blog to protect privacy of people mentioned… Deal with it 😉

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