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Staying hopeful…

November 10, 2008 2:50 pm

Some of the acronyms and signs used on Internet today have been driving me bonkers for a while. But it has not gone over the top until today.

When I read the following: “I ❤ your blog!”.

There is nothing wrong with this comment at all. For those who are up to the last minute on all the happenings online would know what the “less than three” sign really means. People like me have been puzzled for a long time. Until I actually got annoyed enough to look it up in my favourite urban dictionary.

So, what most “happy people” say “it’s a heart sideways”, “it’s used to replace the word love”, “oh how can you not see it – it’s a heart sideways!”… Hmmm…NO, I do not see it as a heart sideways. I do not have a tendency to look at text sideways…I prefer to read my text in upright position lol….

But then there is something else I read in urban dictionary and a few other places where people laugh at the “heart” and “love” interpretation. And say that the sign actually mean something completely opposive – it’s actually resembling certain body parts and in essence means “f**k”. So this sign can mean both things. Now, to return to this phrase I mentioned earlier “I ❤ your blog!” and instead of “heart” or “love” insert the other meaning of the word! Ha…. Hillarious isn’t it?

Ridiculous, that’s what it is! Maybe my generation is getting old and those young kids are taking over the net…Or maybe the intelligence will concur the world and will reign on the Internet once again!

My dear readers, I am begging you, stay away from all of these silly signs… Especially if you never really know their meaning! English is such a beautiful language – there are so many words to express your “coolness”! You really DO NOT need to “less than three” your friends, you can just simply say “I love you”. And tust me, it will have much greater impact than the stupid sign… However, if you prefer to use signs to express your emotions – then it’s a whole different conversation. But for the rest of the world – I am still hopeful that those young adults will eventually outgrow their “coolness” and stop utilizing emotion signs and overusing certain words, and will hopefully beging speaking like intelligent people that they are…somewhere…deep down…hopefully….

As always,

Yours truly,


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