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Fairy princess…and a frog prince…Will it ever work? It is the question that shall remain a mistery…

November 5, 2008 4:17 pm

Okay ladies… Here is a fairytale for you… (see photo below)



But that’s just it though…Since I never just read anything .. so here comes the following…

Our everyday life comes down to just that – those little routine things; and it is so sad that so many people don’t find the common ground to stay together… or maybe many of these people do not truly share that foundation on which their relationships are built… or maybe the base of their relationship is not the one that should be? When the excitement is gone, what is going to be left? This is the question many people who decide to be together (or marry) do NOT think about… or maybe those couples are together simply for the wrong reasons to begin with??

Do you always have to be together and cling to each other? Or should you have enough confidence and trust to be able to be apart and still feel the same? To give each other enough space to continue being your own person and not loose yourself in the relationship? If your life is broken, you can’t possibly hope that your life will magically fix itself and you will become happy just because you are with someone.

Since we’re into this topic, why not take it further?. I have noticed that many ladies [not all I must add] who are eager to get married refuse to admit to themselves that the true reason they are with the other person is …. [insert yours here] …. but you really really need to be married because … [see the reason in brackets …]…

So here comes my next point…Do you even have to be married to be happy? Does the status bring any change into your relationship? Is this a good change or a bad change? Or is it something you feel compelled to do due to the pressure of the society? To fit in…to be accepted… why do you care so much what all those people think? When you invite 200-300 people to your wedding, do you even know half of them? Are they really there to share your happiness or do you HAVE to invite them for one reason or another?

So, with the above said, yet again, so many questions…. Wondering if anyone actually reading this… 🙂

What else is there? No seriously, feel free to take any subject further… I think it’s actually the name of a song “What else is there…” – by Royksopp…


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