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Thoughts…love…death.. and other things.

October 29, 2008 8:50 am


by Jaakko Rajala (Finland)
(Link to artist’s website:
Here is the dog
That has no luck
Where is the god
That might help him

Weeping alone
Putting all hope
On the higher powers
Aren’t the prayers heard?

God – G.O.D.
God – Let’s call him G for he has no name
Dog – D.O.G.
Dog – Let’s call him D for it suits him well
G… Guardian, Glimmering Gallant Grace
D… Distress, Disturbing Demure Devout

D hid a bone for G to find
In the midst of the autumn leaves
Swinging it’s tail so excited
Maybe now G will answer to D

God – G.O.D.
Where? Hiding it’s face
Dog – D.O.G.
Wait – Hope is on it’s way?
G… Grudge, Grinning Giver’s Grave
D… Dodder, Deceived Dreamer’s Doom

Winter came and frost covered the land
D saw the bone was untouched
But he couldn’t get it back
For it was deep under the ice
Poor poor D

God – G.D.O.
What did G do? Delusions don’t do a thing
Dog – D.G.O.
Where did D go? Nowhere, it starved to death
G… Gone, Gone, Gone, Gone
D… Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead

©2008 ~Rajala

Artist’s note:

These are some lyrics from the last winter.
Listen to the song here (click on the “kuuntele” below D.O.G.).

*E’s notes*
I guess needless to comment on why I could relate to it… For those who did not understand it – just enjoy… and think while reading…

A few more works from this artist.

Tomb of a Frozen Rose


Artist’s comments: I was bored and decided put a withered rose to a freezer. This is the outcome of this merry little occurrence.

E’s notes: Have to admit that sometimes very interesting things come out when you’re bored!

©2006-2008 ~Rajala

Black Stone Pendant


Artist’s comments:
Spent quite a lot of time carving and polishing that damned stone. The chains are silver and were a pain in the ass too. Making jewelry is definitely not my cup of tea but still there is some masochistical satisfaction when the piece is ready.
©2007-2008 ~Rajala
Skeletal Ceiling Light
Artist’s comments:
Two forged skeleton hands hanging from shackles with reindeer skin strips (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer won’t be coming this Christmas, kids). The iron parts are gas welded together and waxed.Height (hands): 31 cmWidth: 28 cm
©2008 ~Rajala
Fruit Bowl
Artist’s comments:
A wedding present that with it’s macabre look suited the groom well. The apple in the picture is huge so the actual size of the item might be a bit confusing to comprehend. I forgot to take the measures but it’s about 30 cm wide.
©2008 ~Rajala
One more artist for today.
Artworks by
~finomaxpictures~ (Odessa (Ukraine))
Artist’s note: more than 3000 thoughts during the day…
Click on the piece to get a full view for details.

Since I always think, and sometimes think way to much for my own sanity…this piece I can absolutely relate too.

Link to purchase print:
©2007-2008 ~finomaxpictures
Live Apple
Artist’s notes:
life… heart with love… death…

Link to purchase print:

©2007-2008 ~finomaxpictures

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  1. December 4, 2008 10:11 am 10:11 am

    Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

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