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…Food for thought….

October 13, 2008 4:44 pm

….Perhaps the greatest problem with this word is the line it seems to imply between spirit and flesh, between some exalted, superior state and the experience of everyday life, when in fact they are all mixed up together. We define ourselves and our deepest values by the choices we make, day by day, hour by hour, over a lifetime…

Always finding interesting things while doing my daily digging and reading online… I’ll start posting some things that catch my eye. Hope someone also finds this interesting…Since I got some friendly critique about my previous posts. And realized that I’m pretty much the only one interested reading detailed overview of monarch migration patterns, or the tagging success rates, or debate over what percentage of the whole monarch population is actually sick with OE…and how release of farm grown butterflies affects their migratory abilities and the survival rates…and on and on… Ok – got it, boooooring…Fine, people, I’ll post something more interesting… I’ll try at least… Maybe I should start one of those blog things to satisfy my writing needs and not bore everyone with my looooong emails ;).

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